Good News From Tyrant-Land…

We’ve been hard at play over the past couple of months.

After all, dreaming, designing, implementing, and measuring fun new ideas to help our clients grow is more “play” thank “work.” Outside of the fun stuff we’ve been doing on a monthly basis for our long-term retainer clients, we’ve also been fortunate to kick things off with some great new clients as well.

Here’s the skinny:

  • We built a shiny new bilingual website for Greenville-based Hispanic Alliance (¡qué bueno!) with the help of our friend and code-commando Doug Cone of NullVariable;
  • We designed a head-turning frontline sales brochure for ProCare HospiceCare, one of the nation’s leading hospice PBMs (Pharmacy Benefits Manager). They liked the brochure so much that they also had us design their new tradeshow booth, and have recently asked us to take a look under the hood at their website. As Charlie von Cat likes to say, “even big companies need the touch of a Tyrant.”
  • We also headed East to Acupuncture Center of Greenville, getting pinned and needled as we underwent our first acupuncture treatment during our hands-on Discovery Process in order to produce our one-of-a-kind bitTyrant Discovery Audit & SMART Plan. (*And, wow, if you haven’t been to a good acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist before, you should seriously make an appointment to see Cassandra Nelson at right now.)
  • During the most recent leg of our non-stop trip, we headed to the peach & pumpkin-covered hills of Chesnee, SC to get hands-on with one of South Carolina’s oldest and largest e-commerce companies, Covers Direct, and one of their flagship websites: Car Covers Direct (a site recently rebuilt by our talented friends at Orange Coat). bitTyrant is putting together some BIG plans to revamp CCD’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media efforts against some fierce national & international competition. Bring it. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be interesting…
Oh, and when we’re not at play, we’re getting our hands in the dirt at Tyrant Farms. Right now, we’re excitedly planning for our new fruit orchard, which will have over 50 varieties of fruit, nut, and berry plants (trees, shrubs, vines and canes). There are lots of good things growing in Tyrant-Land!

Recent Customer Testimonials

*That oft-maligned tribe of vagrants and vagabonds called “marketers” have been known to twist ytilaer (say it backwards), so we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here are a few words straight from our bosses:

“bitTyrant offered us a mirror so that we could truly see the results of our long-ago vision. Was our current brand what we meant it to be when we started? Their method-style meant that they took an inside-out approach at understanding both the benefits of Chinese medicine, and our expression of health. They gave us a road map (or a quiet walking path along which are markers and signals) for a holistic one-year plan that thoughtfully included great-scale adventures, and small, nuanced, personal endeavors, both equally significant. Thank you for helping us see our ‘self’ more clearly. it’s an invaluable gift and a rare insight from two brilliant people.”

Cassandra Nelson, L.Ac., M.S.Founder/Practitioner
Acupuncture Center of Greenville

“bitTyrant produces phenomenal work that has really given our sales team a big boost. They truly listened to what we had to say, and created a print brochure that captured everything we felt, but were’t sure how to put into words and images. One of my top sales people had tried for over a year to get an appointment with the CEO of a large hospice prospect, and within a week of sending her our new brochure, the CEO responded to make an appointment. Also, the new trade show booth that bitTyrant designed for us is not just elegant, it’s also highly effective at visually conveying our core message to prospective clients, helping naturally spark conversations between our sales team and prospective clients. bitTyrant makes our jobs easier, and we can’t wait to work with them on more projects.” 

Courtney JacksonVice President of Sales and Client Relations
ProCare HospiceCare

“bitTyrant completely rebuilt our website from top to bottom. Saying that they ‘exceeded our expectations’ would be an understatement; they’ve actually shown us a new standard that won’t be easy to surpass. When envisioning an idea, it’s hard to know if others can grasp the passion behind your work, but Susan and Aaron did it. Their ability to understand our dream and the passion we put into our daily work translated into beautiful, creative work that is also functional as it becomes the main link between underserved Hispanic communities and the world they have not discovered yet. Also, having the trusted team at bitTyrant on hand any time we need additional support and maintenance on our website is a huge help & relief. Muchas gracias bitTyrant!” 

Adela MendozaExecutive Director 
Hispanic Alliance
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