Is It Considered Self-Promotion If You’re Promoting Your Other Self/Selves?

Introducing the New Tyrant Farms 

As you may know, the lovely and talented Susan von Frank is as small (bit) as she is bossy (Tyrant), and she’s the inspiration behind our company’s name.

As an adoring fan, you might have also known that the bitTyrant blog started off as “Tyrant Farms,” but we’ve now run into a problem… we actually started a farm. In our yard. We call it “Tyrant Farms.” As such:

By decree of the Tyrant on this 4th day of October in the 2012th year of our Tyrant, the name of our official business blog is henceforth renamed ‘Ty-Rants’.

What’s to become of Tyrant Farms? (We love it when you ask great questions?) Well, we’ve started something new, something that we love, something that helps define who we are and how we view the world, and we’re announcing that Tyrant Farms (the new edible one) is now a separate website + an official client of bitTyrant.

Please click on the image below to read the latest from Tyrant Farms and to get your daily dose of Awe Natural™. And for Pete’s sa…, no for Tyrant’s sake, please subscribe to our farm blog and share it with anyone you think might enjoy it.

Aaron holding the ruby throated hummingbird

Thanks for your support!

Aaron & Susan