Our Approach

At the end of the day, our job and our mission is to make you measurably better.

bitTyrant utilizes a dynamic “hub and spoke” business model that enables us to offer a wide range of services that you typically won’t find in a boutique agency.

We often reach outside of the scope of our in-house technical talent, utilizing an extensive network of highly skilled, vetted freelance specialists who allow us to provide solutions that would typically require you to either: A) hire a big warehouse agency, or B) screen, contract, and project manage multiple freelance teams. This allows us to optimally align our interests with yours: we don’t prescribe a solution to you simply because we have a high-paid W-2 specialist sitting at a desk who needs to be put to use, we prescribe (and implement) solutions based on what will work best for you.

Client Profile

Most of our clients tend to have one thing in common: their primary concern is not simply to grow bigger, it’s to grow better— better at serving their constituents as only they can. Sometimes they only need our help for a specific one-off task (“À La Carte” clients) or sometimes they need robust, long-term support (“Full Service” clients):


À La Carte Clients

Clients who need a specific service(s) expertly performed without additional recurring/ongoing support

Example: New website, write & distribute press release, design event collateral, consulting, etc..

Cost: Priced hourly or per project with no long-term agreement

Full Service Clients

Clients who need long-term, sustained marketing services at a fixed monthly price

Example: Organization rebranding, partial or full outsource marketing department, social media implementation, etc.

Cost: Our retainer agreements offer optimal support and costs.

With our full-service clients (and some larger À La Carte projects), we start with our unique systems-based ”Discovery” process to make sure we know what the best solution is going to be before we ever prescribe or start work on the “remedy.” Over the years, we’ve found that every minute and dollar invested in Discovery, saves our clients many multiples of time and money on implementation. Plus, just as with a doctor-patient relationship, what an organization thinks it needs, does not always turn out to be the optimal solution upon further inspection.

Want to Learn More?

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If you’re interested in discussing how bitTyrant can help your organization grow better, we’d love to hear more about you, from you. We communicate by phone, email, coffee, and lunch, so please contact us via whichever form of advanced communication technology you prefer.