Our Philosophy

Love what you do… and you’ll be great at doing it.

Our clients come from diverse industries all over the country — we’ve worked with everyone from small and mid-sized non-profit organizations, to large state-run universities, to fast-growth technology companies. The one common thing that ties them all together? They love what they do. Their passion drives them towards relentless self-improvement and a desire to share their ever-improving products or services with more people. That’s important to us.

Is bitTyrant a good fit for you? Maybe. Maybe not. To help you answer that question, we’d like you to understand a little more about Our Philosophy:

We Like Scalpels
We prefer scalpels to cookie cutters. We don’t prescribe solutions prior to understanding your organization, your products/services, and the people you serve. We won’t treat you like a commodity or force a one-size-fits-all template solution on you. Our goal is to help you be more uniquely you, not more blandly them.

We Believe In LOVE.
Love. That single word is often the difference between potential and realization. If you don’t love what you do and the people you do it for, you won’t obsess about it, dream about it, study it, and do whatever it takes to be exceptional at it. We love helping great organizations “find themselves” and build authentic relationships with people who love their organization so much that they have to tell everybody they know about it. That’s Word Of Mouth (WOM). No matter how much technology changes or what new media platforms people use to communicate, WOM (offline and online) will remain the lifeblood for any organization that plans to thrive in the 21st Century.

We Prefer David To Goliath.
We’re purposefully small & nimble, keeping our overhead low and bringing in the best possible creative brains to match your unique needs. We don’t confine you to the specific talents and resources that we have in-house, we only confine you to the limits of our collective imagination. Most of our clients tend to have one thing in common: their primary concern is not simply to be bigger, it’s to be better at serving their constituents as only they can—even if they don’t quite know how to express their “better” with ink and action. That’s where we come in.

We Have a Method.
Daniel Day Lewis, Al Pacino… what makes the world’s greatest screen actors stand apart from the pack? It’s called “method acting.” A method actor goes through an immersive preparatory period long before they get in front of a camera. They live exactly as their character would: wearing the same clothes, participating in the same activities, eating the same foods. When it’s time to go in front of the camera, their on-screen presence is completely authentic and captivating. Why? They’re no longer acting, they’re simply being. At bitTyrant, we’ve created our own process for our full-service clients that we call “Method Marketing.”℠ Method Marketing helps us truly understand & connect with our clients and their fans… by becoming them. At the end of this process when it’s time for the cameras to roll, your organization is ready to “be.”

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If you’re interested in discussing how bitTyrant can help your organization grow better, we’d love to hear more about you, from you. We communicate by phone, email, coffee, and lunch, so please contact us via whichever form of advanced communication technology you prefer.